We recommend backing up important data, such as to a hard disk of a computer. Углубившись в следующие страницы инструкции пользователя Sony DSC-WX вы ознакомитесь со всеми доступными функциями изделия и информацией, касающейся его эксплуатации. Removing The Memory Страница [] Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Computers The computer does not recognize this product. Make sure that the battery is NP — BX1. Страница On the functions available with the product This manual describes the functions of 60i — compatible devices and 50i — compatible devices. Страница 51 the Metered Manual indicator flashes.

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Declaration Of Conformity Открыть в Pdf-viewer Отправить на email Скачать. Using PlayMemories Home, you can print images with the date without recording the date. Страница manufacturer of the printer or the software.

According to the brightness of the environment, the program shift may not be used. This produces a cinema- like atmosphere. Allows you to shoot with preset settings according to the scene.

Руководство по cyber-shot, Dsc-s500, Digital still camera

Страница the image Ghosting. Power is not supplied to the product via a micro USB cable when the экспдуатации is connected to a computer, etc.

Получите доступ к информации и доступным обновлениям и воспользуйтесь эксклюзивными предложениями. Notes On The Battery Pack Страница This руководсвто occurs when you use the product in an extremely hot or cold location. Wireless access points may not be displayed on the product due to signal conditions. Страница 26 Note Note the following points when charging via a computer: Menu item details Repeat: Страница 57 Slow Sync.


Allows you to shoot still images even in dark locations without using the flash, and reduces subject blur. When the following modes are selected in [Scene Selection]. Страница Select from [HD] and [4K]. Slow sync shooting allows you to shoot a clear image of both the subject and the background by slowing the shutter speed.

Страница 53 [35] Эксплуатацим to Use Using shooting functions Using the zoom The zoom features available with this product The руеоводство feature of the product provides a higher magnification zoom by combining various zoom features.

Страница 98 Available operations during movie playback You can perform slow playback and sound volume adjustment, etc. Adjust the monitor angle, and hold the camera.

Size Sets the image size when shooting panoramic images. Note Histogram is not displayed during panorama shooting.

Инструкция обслуживания Sony DSC-WX Камера

When pointing the lens toward the strong light source, excessive light enters the lens and the image may come out white flare or extraneous light ghost images may appear on the image, but this is not a malfunction. Adjusts the skin color as you like. Place the product closer to the wireless access point. Shows basic shooting information.

The color temperature is adjusted wx50 daylight fluorescent lighting. Make эвсплуатации that the battery is NP — BX1.


Инструкция SONY Cyber-shot DSC-WX500 — цифровой фотоаппарат

Страница Cleaning the product surface Clean the product surface with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water, then wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Place main subjects close to one of the grid lines that divide the image into thirds for a well — balanced composition.

Note If you use a function such as zoom while shooting a movie, the noise of the lens operating will be recorded. To check whether this product is a 60i — compatible device or 50i — compatible device, look for the following marks on the bottom of the product.

Чтобы получить доступ ко всем возможностям на Sony. Power is supplied to руковдство product via a micro USB cable when the product is connected to a computer, etc.