Naked with boobs


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  1. Kigarg 2 years ago

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  2. Kajit 2 years ago

    Que seios maravilhosos.parabéns

  3. JoJodal
    JoJodal 2 years ago

    LMAO @ they're a zombie. But yes I totally agree here. I think the bigger conversation is how this effects the child. If I were childless, I think I'd be more lenient and empathetic to the situation at hand. But my child is stable with its father, we're now a familial unit, and my child has grieved already [assumedly] for the other father figure. I think it's time to say goodbye. I'd give them any momentos I still had, maybe go out to dinner with them once and possibly cry and think what if, but ultimately my allegiance is to my present. Also, I'd imagine they're probably a different person and have a long journey ahead as well. They have to merge the former self and past memories with the current self and the memories they've made.

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