Vintage women undergarments


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  1. Akinok 2 years ago

    I been attempting to figure out that tattoo since I began watching.

  2. Kazirisar
    Kazirisar 2 years ago

    Amei suas fotos, muito gostosa.

  3. Gazil
    Gazil 2 years ago

    Speaking from experience, they'll now tell everyone else that Mom is the reason the family is disconnected, vs just trying to understand and contributing to raising that child as grandparents ought to do. I had a similar fight with my ex in-laws about my children's hair. I wouldn't stand for colorism and you're not filling my children's heads up with stupid fluff. Elders or not can catch a 300😂

  4. Yozshujinn
    Yozshujinn 2 years ago

    God damn granny

  5. Tojashakar 2 years ago

    I already told him that, but I may need to go over there and re state it with a 2x4. He's as hard headed as his dad (me).

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